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Online Personal Trainer

Be Your Best Ever

View nutritional and exercise information quickly, and add food and activities to your log in a single click.
Gain access to easy-to-follow reporting, custom tracking and more! Reach your health and fitness goal
today! Log on anytime, anywhere to access this fully interactive diet and fitness plan that you tailor to
your needs. Easy to follow video tutorials guide you along to Be Your Best Ever!

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Easy Food Log and Calorie Counter

Simply log food eaten and the calorie counter automatically calculates where you are.
Plan your diet and see how well you do.

Or pick from our customizable diet plans. Choose from the Good Carbs Diet, the Low Fat Diet, the
Carb Reduction Diet, the Balanced Diet or the Diabetes Diet, all developed by Registered Dieticians.
Then customize to your preferences or restrictions, vegetarian, vegan, dairy/lactose-free, no fowl,
or almost anything you want. And swap out foods anytime you wish.

Quick and easy access to nutritional information. You can even add and save your
own favorite foods and recipes, adding as many foods as you like.

· Easy Food Tracker · Portion Setting
· Calorie Counter and Tracker · 5 Customizable Diet Plans
· Over 40,000 Foods Library · Special Nutritional Needs
· Favorite Brands · Food Allergies
· Favorite Restaurants · Vegetarian and Vegan
· 100s of Recipes · Printable Shopping List




Track only, design a diet plan or pick one of ours. Simple!

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Simple-Click Exercise and Fitness Tracker

Simply log your exercise, see calories burned and track your fitness progress. You can choose from hundreds of exercises to meet your needs and build your own routine.

Or choose from dozens of workout routines designed by our 50+ trainers. From traditional weight training, to resistance bands, at-home routines to Pilates and
yoga, or simple body weight routines. You can try it all. Pick a routine to improve your running, or golf or tennis game. Your fitness possibilities are endless.

Check out all these workouts and a sampling of videos.

· Easy fitness tracker · Dozens of workouts
· 100s of exercises · Workout Log
· Video demonstrations · Calories Burned
· Printable instructions · Senior Fitness Plans too











All this created by 50 plus personal trainers!

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Find the plan that best fits you!

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